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Hello! Tomorrow the Prudence Profile will officially be one month old! Although modest, I can’t help but celebrate, because prior to its debut this little ol’ blog has been ruminating in my mind for quite a bit of time.

Since we are celebrating a small milestone, I thought now would be the perfect time to share about what I hope the Prudence Profile would be and how I would love for you to be apart of it.

I believe that each person has his or her own unique style regardless of age, body shape/size, or budget. While outward appearances do not precede character and integrity, I do believe that we feel more confident when we present ourselves in a manner that is true to our personal styles and expresses our creative selves. And that, I believe, is incredibly powerful.

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For years I had a closet full of items that I have never worn (with tags still attached) or only worn a handful of times. I admittedly was romanticized by the latest trends time and time again and continued to make needless purchases. Yet, I still faced the conundrum of “I don’t have anything to wear.” Am I the only here?

Joyfully so, I have been learning what I like aesthetically and what is worthwhile in terms of investing, how to be inspired but not copy, how realistic my routines have to be based upon personal time constraints, what “trends” to leave alone all-together, and ultimately, what my style is.

Thankfully, this means curating pieces mindfully. In doing so, I actually appreciate what I have and find creativity in pairing items in novel ways. I hope to empower, inspire, and provide practical ways on how to build a wardrobe that reflects who you are, is flexible and appropriate for various occasions, and ultimately, excites you. This mindset is a lovely work-in-progress and it would be wonderful to share it with you.

What are your style inquiries? How did you develop your personal style and beauty routine? Do you feel as if you are maximizing your closet? Comment down below or shoot me a quick email at Together, my hope is to have a positive community where we can discuss beauty/style in an intentional and thoughtful (and creative!) manner.

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A quick note, this is the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California. Every spring the ranunculas are in full bloom and I was delighted to visit. I loved the rows upon rows of these beautiful blooms and even took mental notes of pleasing color combinations and tones. In order to move easily, I wore one of my “uniforms,” which consisted of dark skinny jeans, a fitted but soft chambray button-up, aviators, and white Converse sneakers.

I am excited to hear from you all. Have a beautiful day!

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Top: Loft  Jeans:  Forever 21  Sneakers: Converse  Bag:  Marc Jacobs  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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