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About a month ago, I mentioned how I have been dabbling in organic beauty after stumbling upon RMS Beauty. Well, the fascination still continues. Right around that time, I made a couple of purchases from Puristry.

A combination of purity and chemistry, Puristry is Anthropologie’s exclusive organic skincare brand. It debut in early May and was created in collaboration with Susie Wang, founder of 100% Pure. Since Anthropologie already stocks the most enviable clothing, home decor, and beauty products, my expectations were set high.

First, the design of the packaging and bottles are incredibly pleasing to the eye. Although I hate to admit it, the simple typography and clean lines of the bottles drew me in to acquire and explore further. Next, the six-piece skincare line, which includes a cleanser, toner, serum, facial oil, moisturizer, and eye cream, are all USDA-certified organic, cold processed, and excludes a long list of toxins. The ingredients lists have recognizable botanicals and oils. I tested out three products to get a good understanding of the line as well as based it upon needs in my skincare collection. It’s been four weeks of consistent use and I’d like to share my thoughts. For reference, my skin type is normal to dry with some sensitivity.

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I have been seeing cactus as a popular ingredient in skincare lately. This Nopal Cactus Cleanser has a very thin watery consistency that does not foam up. Cactus is supposed to be soothing and deliver hydration to the skin. Due to its consistency, it would be best used as a second cleanse after makeup removal (if worn). It is quite gentle and did not leave my skin feeling dry or tight. That being said, those that enjoy a foaming cleanser that deeply cleans may desire more. This is a great cleanser for the AM or when the skin is already in a general balanced state.

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Yerba mate is a plant that is native to South America. Naturally enriched with caffeine, it works to boost circulation in the under-eye area to brighten dark circles while grape seed oil and shea butter moisturize and reduce fine lines and puffiness. In my experience, it has a thin but creamy texture which makes it easy to apply around the eye and absorb into the skin. This can be used both in the AM and PM. It did not irritate my eyes or impact my makeup if worn. It moisturized my skin and I noticed a slight reduction in my dark circles when used daily. I don’t have any puffiness so I can’t speak to that.

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To me, the facial oil is the favorite and the most effective based upon my personal skin needs. This oil has a long list of cold-pressed ingredients including popular natural oils such as jojoba seed and rosehip to more uncommon ones such as black currant and pomegranate seed. It claims to improve skin hydration, elasticity, tone, and suppleness. Just a little bit of the oil is enough for the face and neck. In fact, I initially made the mistake of applying too much and felt like a greasy mess. Once I made some modifications, my skin texture improved and was more hydrated. It took about two weeks of use to see noticeable differences. It did not reduce active blemishes or reduce pigmentation, although it does not claim to do so.

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Overall, I enjoyed these Puristry products. They were gentle but effective, which is ideal for someone that has sensitive skin. I will continue to incorporate them into my skincare routine and test their long-term effects. Since these skincare items are organic, they do not contain chemical preservatives to stabilize them and/or prolong their shelf-life. Therefore, it is recommended to finish them 12 months after opening and to store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight (the latter applies to all skincare). This could also make it a little tricky to travel with them; it is best to decant some into a travel container. Another consideration, Puristry does not use artificial fragrance. Each one of these have a natural, herbal smell that I deemed as “desert” upon first whiff. You’d know exactly what I mean if you try them out.

Hope this was helpful to you all! Feel free to leave your skincare and makeup favorites or something you’re curious about and would like to know more about!

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