warm eyeshadow palettes: ABH modern renaissance vs. tarte tartelette toasted

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Hello! Today, I will be reviewing two popular eyeshadow palettes. The Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills was released almost two years ago and has been well-loved by the beauty community. The Tartelette Toasted Palette is Part 3 of a trilogy of Tarte’s eyeshadow palettes; it was released a little under two months ago. I purchased both palettes a month ago. Prior to this, I have never tried ABH or Tarte’s eyeshadows either in a palette or single shadow. The reason why I purchased these palettes is because I wanted to (finally) experiment with the warm toned eyeshadow trend. Although the tones are different in each one, both have warm shades that intrigued me. Because I have a limited collection, I wanted to compare the two palettes to see if they are distinct enough to keep both or just one.

Before I delve into the comparisons and pros/cons, I wanted to personally thank everyone for showing me so much love on last week’s post. I strive to make this space one of easy enjoyment where we can share our interests, receive helpful information, and hopefully get inspired. I can personally attest to how a special article of clothing, getting glammed up (by whatever personal standard that would be), or seeing your skin change for the better can be a transformative experience. I hope to convey that. Anyways, let’s get on to the reviews!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance | The Prudence Profile

The Prudence Profile | Full review and swatches of ABH Modern Renaissance and Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palettes

Modern Renaissance

  • Cost: $42 for 14 x 0.02 oz
  • Shadows: 11 ultra-matte shades, 3 shimmery or metallic shades
  • Color selection: Neutral browns and berries/reds
  • Longevity: Lasted 10 hours on my lids with the shimmers fading slightly
  • Overall: The formula of the mattes are powdery and has a bit of kick-up (similar to Lorac shadows). This does not bother me, but it may be a deciding factor for others. Upon application, each shade has great pigmentation, especially the crimson shades such as Red Ochre, Love Letter, and Venetian Red. When applied with a brush, the shimmery colors provide a soft shine versus a full metallic effect. For greater metallic impact, apply with your finger or dampen your brush with Mac Fix Plus or a setting spray. The shadows blend well, even the saturated reds. I love that this palette has predominately matte shades so there are multiple options for transition shades, crease colors, and outer v, while the 3 shimmer shades are perfect to highlight and/or for the lid. The Modern Renaissance sparks creativity; you can create a berry/pink look, a peachy/orange look, a brown look, or a combo of any.

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Tarte Tartelette Toasted | The Prudence Profile

The Prudence Profile | Full review and swatches of ABH Modern Renaissance and Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palettes

Tartelette Toasted

  • Cost: $46 for 12 x 0.053 oz
  • Shadows: 7 matte shades, 5 shimmer shades
  • Color selection: Warm browns and peach
  • Longevity: Lasted 8-9 hours with gentle fading of matte and shimmers; shimmers are more apparent
  • Overall: The Tartelette Toasted palette has Tarte’s Amazonian clay formula, which claims to last longer without use of eye primer. I found that these shadows faded a bit quicker than the Modern Renaissance. Some of the matte shadows have a bit of powder kick-up, especially “Cashmere” and “Warmth.” Each shadow applied smoothly with the exception of “Candle,” which had a gritty texture, which can be remedied with dampening your brush . The mattes blended well, and the shimmer shades have a greater metallic impact than the Modern Renaissance, especially “Flame” and “Sunset.” There is a good balance of matte and shimmer shades for a variety of eye looks. To note, unlike the other shadows in the palette, “Crackle” is a matte brown with gold flecks; when blended on the eye, it essentially becomes just a matte brown shade. I personally prefer the sole brown rather than the gold flecks.

So if I had to choose one palette, which one would I choose?

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Both! Sorry, I took the easy way out. I am going to keep both palettes. They both have great quality and their shades are different enough to justify adding both to my collection. Personally, I like the overall formula and longevity of the Modern Renaissance palette more. However, the orange/peach color selection and impact of the shimmer shades of the Tartelette Toasted palette complement my skin tone and hair color. The palette is organized in a way that is easy for a makeup novices like myself to create looks (see above). However, if you already have similar warm palettes such as the Urban Decay Naked Heat or the Too Faced Just Peach Velvet Matte, I would pass on this. The shade selection is too similar. If you are more creative and bold with your shadow looks, I would recommend the Modern Renaissance.

Which do you like better Modern Renaissance or Tartelette Toasted? What is your favorite eye shadow palette?

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