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Today we’re diving into the world of luxury makeup. Well, Marc Jacobs Beauty specifically…This brand initially caught my attention due to its sleek, minimal packaging as well as the overall rave reviews that I kept encountering over and over. The price tag kept me away for a while longer, but I recently acquired a few bits from the fall and spring Sephora VIB sales. One of the eyeshadow palettes and the bronzer are from the limited edition Coconut Collection so I want to share my opinion before they sell out (one item already has but there’s a loophole…keep reading!). I’m ready to give review on the mini collection of Marc Jacobs products that I own.

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Omega Bronzer in Tan-Tastic

Okay, this bronzer was apart of a limited edition collection about a year ago and beauty lovers went crazy over it. It sold out immediately and fans begged for its return (serious business here!). This spring, Marc Jacobs brought out the same bronzer in the shade Tan-Tastic for the Coconut Collection. Before I fully provide my review, I want to let you know that it’s currently sold out (sorry!), but it is rumored that this bronzer will soon be released as part of their permanent collection. Instead, I linked the permanent Marc Jacobs bronzer in Tantric here.

Longtime readers know that the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer is my favorite bronzer of all time. Guys, this one MIGHT have dethroned the PF bronzer. Let me explain. It has neutral to mild warm tone that is brings vitality to the face. Unlike the Butter Bronzer, the Omega Bronzer can be used purely to bronze (rather than pulling double duty as a contour as well). What won me over and surprised me the first time I used it was how smooth this powder applied to the skin. It was lightweight and blended seamlessly for an incredibly natural look. I’m going through a dewy skin, natural makeup phase right now, and the Omega bronzer produces a minimal, skin-like effect. I haven’t found anything quite like it. Much like its drugstore counterpart, the Omega bronzer is has a scent. Not a fan of fragranced makeup products, I can deal with it due to the spectacular formula. Luckily, the scent doesn’t linger long after application.

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Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette in Fantascene and Edgitorial

These eyeshadows have slowly become one of my favorite formulas. There is quite a bit of  kick-up and the pigmentation is boldly strong so tap off your brush prior to applying to the eye. The powders blend easily without becoming patchy or muddying up the whole look. Each palette comes in slim packaging for ease of portability. There are seven shadows per palette that range from matte, shimmer, to metallic finishes. In my opinoin, seven to ten shadows are usually the ideal number of shadows for palettes; it has enough variety for different looks with enough mattes for a solid base look while not having too many which can lead to untouched shadows.

Typically, the eyeshadows are buttery soft. The Edgitorial (black packaging) from the permanent collection is better in quality than the limited edition Fantascene (white packaging). The mattes perform equally well in both palettes. However, the cooper gold shade, “Meet Ya,” and pink-gold duochrome, “She Said,” in Fantascene are a bit chunky. In spite of this shortcoming, the shade selection prompts me to experiment and play with different looks. There are different finishes (i.e., duochrome, lamé) in the newer palette that is not in the permanent collection. In addition, I love packing these palettes when I travel.

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Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in (Earth)quake and Blacquer

If you want an eyeliner that barely transfers or fades in the waterline, the Highliners are for you. They are not 100% transfer-proof, but they’re better than most pencil liners that I have tried for the waterline.  When applied on the lash line, smudge it with a brush or finger for a slightly undone look. These twist-up eyeliners come in a variety of colors and in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. They last pretty well throughout the day. Also, there is a sharper at the bottom end of the pencil.

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Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You?

I have been going through a major phase where I’m all about the dewy skin. Blame it on the warm weather, but I’ve been honing in on skincare and SPF and applying a sheer wash of tinted moisturizer/light foundation and using concealer where needed. To add glow to the skin, I use this liquid highlighter to dab lightly on the cheekbones, browbones, down the bridge of the on, and cupid’s bow. The pump can easily dispense an excess of product, however, a small pin size is all that’s needed for that natural (to buildable) glow. It lays well over cream and powder with light tapping. On me, it easily lasts up to 9 hours. If you want extra shine, a powder highlighter can be layered on top.

What makes this cream highlighter unique and able to give a natural glow is the shimmer finish that does not have any glitter. The formula is smooth and does not cling to skin texture. I can see it working well with those of varying ages and skin situations. The shade “Dew You?” is part of the permanent collection. It is a white gold pearl that surprising complements a wider range of skin tones than initially expected; it’s because it has a golden base color rather than a white base. In the Coconut Collection, there is another shade “Fantasy,” which is a warm rose gold. This shade would be beautiful on those with deeper skin tone. It can also be sheered and blended out to bring warmth to those with lighter skin tones.

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That’s my Marc Jacobs collection! I’ve just recently been exploring the brand, and I must say that I have enjoyed everything so far.

Have you tried anything from Marc Jacobs Beauty? What are your thoughts? 

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Until next time…


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