facial gua sha: what is it and does it work?

If you scrolled through your Instagram feed or read beauty articles any time this past year, you would have seen the jade roller. This gadget that faintly resembles a razor and made of the green gemstone has been gracing (and grazing) the faces of bloggers, celebrities, and beauty enthusiasts alike. More recently, facial gua sha … Continue reading facial gua sha: what is it and does it work?


super bloom

A couple months ago I went on a little desert adventure. After several years of below average rainfall, California finally experienced increased rain this past winter and spring. In response, the California landscape flourished. Suddenly, plants and flowers sprung up after prolonged hibernation. This awakening was fittingly named the "Super Bloom." One place to experience … Continue reading super bloom

lip stain

A little color on the lips is a simple way to pull an outfit together. Lately, I have been all about the stained lip instead of the perfectly lined and shaped matte lipstick. Essentially almost any formula (gloss, lipstick, balm, liquid lipstick, etc.) can have a stained effect by applying a modest swipe and dabbing with … Continue reading lip stain

blue wall

Spring is in full swing and I can't help celebrating it with some color. Over-the-shoulder tops such as this one with sweet eyelet details have had a stronghold in my closet. To dress up the look, I added some minimal strappy heels, matching fuscia lipcolor and structured handbag, and my favorite large-faced watch. This past … Continue reading blue wall