stagecoach 2018: spring-to-summer style guide

The first official day of summer may still be a month and a half away, however, in Southern California it's already feeling like the full-fledge season. This was no exception at Stagecoach last weekend. Stagecoach is an annual, three-day country music festival held in Indio, CA. (Yes, occurring the weekend right after and at the … Continue reading stagecoach 2018: spring-to-summer style guide


mixing prints

On the rare day, I will choose to add a touch of sartorial excitement by mixing prints.┬áTo allow for a more cohesive match, the two prints have common colors (i.e. green). By choosing a more detailed, small floral print along with a larger print of camo, the two complement one another. Pairing two smaller prints … Continue reading mixing prints