golden hour

Today's blog post is an exciting one. I recently worked with an amazing photographer, Kayla, for these beautiful photos. With a wall of magenta flowers as our background, we had a blast during that special golden hour. Not much to say here, except, enjoy these joyful photos (I've never smiled this much) and check out … Continue reading golden hour

valentine’s day style edit 2018

When you think of the words "Valentine's Day," what are your immediate thoughts? Is it an immediate aversion to a commercial-driven day? Does it bring thoughts of loneliness and dissatisfaction? Are you already planning a killer Galentines? Or do you think of your loved one? Perhaps, it's just another day? Whatever life stage your are … Continue reading valentine’s day style edit 2018

vintage pink

Besides warmer weather, summer is a great time for a wedding. Personally, I love celebrating friends. I love seeing family and friends gather to support two people in marriage. It's a great time to reflect on your own relationship with either the bride or groom (or both), and often times it's the perfect occasion to … Continue reading vintage pink