affordable august: maximize your closet on a budget

Welcome to Week 2 of Affordable August! Last week, I covered my favorite drugstore makeup. Today, I'll be discussing how I choose pieces at inexpensive stores that look more refined than their price tag, are versatile, and are staple pieces that remain in my closet season after season. Every article of clothing featured in this … Continue reading affordable august: maximize your closet on a budget

wedding guest style guide

Hello! Today we delve into the Wedding Guest Style Guide where I share my current favorite outfits and tips on what to wear to a wedding and feel confident but free to dance, eat, and socialize the night away. Polished Jumper I love a one-piece number for a wedding. There is a welcomed modesty with … Continue reading wedding guest style guide

vintage pink

Besides warmer weather, summer is a great time for a wedding. Personally, I love celebrating friends. I love seeing family and friends gather to support two people in marriage. It's a great time to reflect on your own relationship with either the bride or groom (or both), and often times it's the perfect occasion to … Continue reading vintage pink

button up

Hey everyone! Happy early Fourth of July! Wishing everyone a safe weekend filled with fun, reverence, and reflection! As you can clearly see, this post does not have a spot of red, white, and blue (the wall counts, right?). Instead, I wanted to spotlight one of my wardrobe essentials that is versatile for various seasons and … Continue reading button up

super bloom

A couple months ago I went on a little desert adventure. After several years of below average rainfall, California finally experienced increased rain this past winter and spring. In response, the California landscape flourished. Suddenly, plants and flowers sprung up after prolonged hibernation. This awakening was fittingly named the "Super Bloom." One place to experience … Continue reading super bloom

red and pink

On days that I do not feel particularly cheery, it can be so tempting to put on my sweats and oversized t-shirt, turn on Netflix, and call it a day. While certain days warrant such activities, other times necessitate action. For the most part, once I start moving and being productive, I can usually get … Continue reading red and pink