all-black, all the time outfit

Greeting from Houston! A month ago I repaid a visit to this city. My long weekend was spent going to the Houston Rodeo, meeting up with good friends, and eating plenty of good food (crawfish season, anyone?). Although the forecast predicated showers, it stayed dry and sunny, only raining overnight. During my visit, I had … Continue reading all-black, all the time outfit

outside lands 2017: best leggings & thermal

A few weeks ago I attended my first music festival, Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park in the lovely San Francisco. Besides a notable musical lineup, I find any excuse to seek cooler weather (Carl the Fog did not disappoint), and there was GOOD food. Those who know me know that I am highly motivated … Continue reading outside lands 2017: best leggings & thermal

red and pink

On days that I do not feel particularly cheery, it can be so tempting to put on my sweats and oversized t-shirt, turn on Netflix, and call it a day. While certain days warrant such activities, other times necessitate action. For the most part, once I start moving and being productive, I can usually get … Continue reading red and pink